About Granny Sue

Susanna Holstein
Sandyville, WV 25275
304 372 5861
Susanna Holstein lives in Jackson County, West Virginia. As storyteller “Granny Sue” she performs across West Virginia and out of state, telling stories and singing Appalachian and British ballads. She is the West Virginia Liaison to the National Storytelling Network, past secretary and founding board member of the West Virginia Storytelling Guild, 2nd Vice President of West Virginia Writers, Inc. and a member of the Appalachian Wordsmiths writing group and several regional storytelling organizations.
A published writer, Holstein is a frequent presenter of programs and workshops at conferences, festivals, schools and libraries. Holstein obtained her BS (Education summa cum laude) in 1991 from WV State College and Master of Library and Information Science from the University of South Carolina in 1995.
Holstein writes an online journal, Granny Sue’s News and Reviews, the poetry blog Mountain Poet and a monthly column for the central West Virginia publication Two Lane Livin’. Her work has appeared in two anthologies of stories about Appalachian women as well as in other print and online journals. Her poem Sago was published in 2012 in Fed from the Blade, an anthology of work by West Virginia writers. Her writing interests were sparked when she started a writing group for children in 2000. Her poetry, nonfiction and fiction works have won  numerous awards at the WV Writers Annual Conference.
She is the mother of five sons, grandmother of 13 and has one great-granddaughter.
When not writing, researching or telling stories, she enjoys gardening, canning and a country lifestyle on her small farm in Jackson County.
Recent and Upcoming Performances and Presentations, 2012:
Shepherd College class presentation, Shepherdstown, WV
WV State University class presentation, Institute, WV
WV Library Association conference, Stonewall Resort, WV
WV State Storytelling Festival, Jackson’s Mill, WV
Prickett’s Fort Storytelling Festival, Fairmont, WV
Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival, Chillicothe, OH
Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference, Albany NY
OOPS Storytelling Conference, Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Stories in Focus Cable TV Show, Chevy Chase, MD
Stories in the Village concert, Kensington, MD
Featured Poet, Morgantown (WV) Poets, Morgantown, WV
WV Writers Conference performance, Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV
WVU Mountaineer Week Tellabration, Morgantown, WV
Open House guest speaker, Athens Library, Athens, OH
Mothman Festival, Point Pleasant, WV
Migration Celebration Storytelling performance, Little Beaver State Park, WV
Mountaineer Spina Bifida Camp, Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV
Multicultural Diversity: Appalachian Culture. Toyota Plant employees, Buffalo, WV
Falls River Elementary, Welch, WV full day storytelling and teachers workshop
WV State Folk Festival, Oral Traditions Tent Coordinator and Performer, Glenville, WV
Augusta Heritage Old-Time Week: Appalachian Storytelling, Elkins, WV
Dixie (WV) Elementary Appalachian Heritage Day storytelling performances
Meigs Sternwheeler Festival, Pomeroy, Ohio
Regency Assisted Living, Scott Depot, WV
25 WV library storytelling events for Summer Reading 2012
And many others
·         Mountain Story, Mountain Song (CD); 2004
·         Beyond the Grave: Ghost Stories and Ballads from the Mountains (CD); 2009
·         2006: Skull Run Stories (one of 6 editors).
·         Storytelling in the State Parks. Storytelling Magazine, NSN Press, March 2006.
·          Filling the House. Short-short story published by WestEd in high school  
       sophomore test booklet for Massachusetts, 2008-2015.
·          Storytelling with Puppets. Telling Stories to Children. NSN Press, 2005.
·         Young Writers Group. More Teen Programs that Work. Honnold, Rosemary. Neal-Schuman, 2005.
·         Gracie’s Cabin and Burning the Trash. Zinnia Tales: An Anthology of Strong Women Stories, Mountain Girl Press, 2006.
·         Yellow Roses. Self-Rising Flowers, Mountain Girl Press, 2008.
·         Simplicity. Gambit Literary Magazine, 2006 edition, WVUP.
·         The Way It Was. Appalachian Journal, 2005.
·         Brown Paper Lunch Bag. Museletter, WV Writers, Inc. 2005.
·         Telling Stories in the Parks. Storytelling Magazine, 2005.
·         Filling the House: a retelling of an old folktale. Storyteller.net, 2004
·         Various stories and poems, MountainEchoes.com, 2003-2004
·         The Old Road. Poetry in Motion, Morgantown, WV. Poetry on city buses project, 2010.
·         Olfactory Mystery. Holler, Princeton Poetry Project, 2011.
·         War, Thirteen Children, and Fruitcake: A Family Story. CD, currently recording.
·         Appalachian Children’s Stories. CD, currently recording.
·         Two Lane Livin’. Stumptown Publishing LLC, monthly column since 2008.
·         Granny Sue’s News and Reviews, quarterly newsletter 1999-2008; online blog 2007-ongoing at grannysu.blogspot.com
·         Mountain Poet. Online blog  at mountainpoet.wordpress.com
·         Puppets for Libraries. Online blog at puppetsforlibraries.wordpress.com
·         National Storytelling Conference, 2000: Featured Regional Teller
·         WV Storytelling Conference, 2001: McWhorter Award for service to storytelling in West Virginia
·         Allegheny Echoes Creative Writing Workshops Scholarship, 2004 and 2012
·         AuthorEnablers Creative Writing Contest, 2nd place, 2005
·         WV Writers Conference Writing Contest 2004:2nd Place, Emerging Writers, Honorable Mention Nonfiction, Honorable Mention Children’s Books
·         West Virginia Writers Contest:
o   WV Writers Conference Annual Contest 2006: 2nd Place Appalachian theme, 3rd Place (2), Honorable Mention Appalachian theme, Honorable Mention Long Poetry
o   WV Poetry Society Annual Contest 2006: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st Honorable Mention and 2nd Honorable Mention, 3rd place Writers Wall Poetry
o   Lee Mays Poetry Society, 2nd place First Quarter Contest
o   WV Writers Conference Annual Contest 2007: 3rd Place Appalachian theme and Honorable Mention Short Poetry, 2nd place Writers Wall Prose
o   WV Writers Conference Annual Contest 2008: 2nd place Appalachian theme, Honorable Mention Romance Genre, Honorable Mention, Appalachian theme, 1st place People’s Choice Poetry, 2nd place People’s Choice Prose
o   WV Writers Conference Annual Contest 2009: 3rd place, Appalachian theme, 2 honorable mention, 1st place People’s Choice Poetry,1st Place Writer’s Wall Prose, 3rd Place People’s Choice Poetry
o   WV Writers Conference Annual Contest, 2011: 3 Honorable Mention in poetry, Appalachian Writing and War categories
o   WV Writer’s Conference Annual Contest 2012: 3rd place People’s Choice Prose


Mary Lou McKillip said...

Granny Sue, I was so impressed with all your writing and getting published. I am a natural story teller so I've been told and love to write pro and cons. I deem myself a Bumble Bee writer. A bumble bee doesn't know by scientific facts he can't fly, but does anyway.
I look at things that happen are one of God's enduring blessing. I sure enjoy His blessing. I see the stories I write unfold to me like watching it on video and do dream a lot of my stories.I am ornery but do Love my God. I have somewhat a mischief laughter with in , I do love to laugh and make other do the same. Toot toot No God helps me write.

Mary Lou McKillip said...

I love your web site, you and Tipper Blind Pig and the Acorn turns my thoughts in a wonderland of memories.

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